Terms of trade

www.SkinGuards.eu ejes af Y-design ApS, Essen 17, 6000 Kolding og er registreret under CVR.nr. 35030115.

Du kan kontakte Y-design ApS pr. mail: info@SkinGuards.dk Vi besvarer denne indenfor 24 timer.

These terms of sale and delivery apply to the purchase of goods on www.SkinGuards.eu for delivery in Denmark and the rest of Europe.

Ordering and payment

You choose the items you want to buy and put them in your "shopping basket". You can edit the contents of your shopping basket right up to the moment you place your order, and you can check the contents and price of the goods at any time.

Any extra payments for e.g. shipping and debit card fees will only be calculated immediately before you are ready to pay.

When you are ready to order, click on "Checkout" where you enter your name, address, email, phone number, payment method and choose the delivery method.

You can change the contents of your shopping cart right up until you confirm your purchase by pressing the "Proceed to secure payment" button. After that, your order will be passed on to us and can no longer be changed.

You are required to provide a correct address for delivery of the goods. If the address you have provided cannot be confirmed, SkinGuards reserves the right to withhold delivery and cancel the order.

SkinGuards will as far as possible try to comply with the buyer's request. If the buyer gives his own motive, text or other influence on the product (personalisation), SkinGuards guarantees that the motive, text or other influence is free of third party rights. In case of any infringement of copyright, personal or name protection rights, this is in this case entirely at the expense of the buyer. The buyer must ensure that they do not infringe other third party rights due to the personalisation of the item. Buyer shall indemnify and hold SkinGuards harmless from any future claims and from any claims asserted for infringement of such third party rights.

Cancellation of order

SkinGuards may cancel an order if it is not possible to deliver the ordered item. You will be notified should such a situation arise, and any payment or reservation made on a payment method will be returned/cancelled.

Once you have ordered an item from us, you will receive a receipt by email for our receipt of your order. However, a binding purchase agreement is only concluded once you have received an order confirmation/sales receipt from us.

SkinGuards reserves the right to cancel an order if it contains offensive, abusive or any other form of indecent material. SkinGuards will contact the buyer and inform them if this is the case.

Exchanges and returns

In relation to the exchange and return of a personalised product, it is not possible to return or exchange this product, cf. the Consumer Contract Act, section 18, paragraph 2, no. 3.

Dog gives der 14 dages returret ved ikke personaliseret varer.

Complaints - If there is something wrong with the product

Your purchase is covered by the Sale of Goods Act, including the rules on defects. This means that you can either get a defective item repaired, exchanged, or a price reduction, depending on the specific situation.

It is of course a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not arisen as a result of misuse of the product or other harmful conduct.

You must complain within a "reasonable time" after you have discovered the defect in the goods. We recommend that you complain as soon as possible, and within 2 months of discovering the fault.

You can complain by contacting us by mail to info@SkinGuards.dk

In order for us to assess your complaint, we need to ask you the following:

  • Send us a brief description of how the damage or defect occurred.
  • To document the defect, send 4-5 photos with the description. The defect must be clearly visible in at least one of the photos. In addition, you must ensure that your photographs show the entire product, once from the front and once from the back.
  • Send the photos and attach a copy of the order confirmation/receipt by e-mail to info@SkinGuards.dk

4. After we have received your photos, we will process your complaint as soon as possible.

You will be responsible for all transport costs, including freight costs for returning the item after examination.

Remember that the item must always be sent in proper packaging and get a receipt of shipment. You are responsible for the package/goods until we receive them. Therefore, keep the postal receipt including information on the freight costs.

Note! We do not accept packages sent by cash on delivery or similar.

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