About us

Why choose Skinguards?

We produce ultra-light, durable, comfortable and unique shin guards that no one else has. The special rail is made of strong and lightweight fiberglass, which provides a security and lightness on the court. On the inside of the shin, you will find the soft EVA foam, which is known for its lightweight and water resistance.


The skins weigh less than 100 grams per set and with their strong surface will protect you on the court. To make sure the shin is where it should be, we offer either a comfortable sock with high breathability that keeps the shin in place. If you don't like a shin sock, you can choose SkinGuards Stay instead.

The unique rail is designed in our online design program. Here you can easily design the SkinGuards with your personal photos, your favourite quote or your jersey number - all this to make your Skinguards even more unique and personal.

Our story - Your story

We all know the smell of grass, the adrenaline of a tackle, the exhaustion and joy in the dressing room after a match. The majority of us have a relationship with football, whether we are 7 or 54. The sport is one of the few things that can really bring people together across age, gender or nationality. Through football, relationships are constantly being forged, making it a huge part of our culture and the most popular sport in the world.

That's why football is our passion. At SkinGuards, we want to make a difference for each player who is part of something bigger. We offer a product that can provide the confidence you need to concentrate in the game.

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